Saturday, September 29, 2007


The beginning. This is what I started with. I didn't know if I could do it but I thought I would give it a try. You see, I have never done anything like this before. I told myself--Self, you are a grown woman, you do not need your husband to always do things like this for you. (At least not all the time). I want it now. Didn't want to wait til he got home.

Getting organized. This is how I work. Always figure out how it works before beginning. It is a fault in some situations but an advantage in others. I can't help it. Can't just jump in there.

Using the tools. I have my own toolbox but it is used mostly by my husband. It is kept in the house (as if I were going to use them on a regular basis). But today I said "I will do this". I began with the instructions which must have been written for me because they had pictures as well as written instruction. Very easy to follow. My husband would not have read them anyway so I was putting them to good use.

After all the screwing of screws and these little funny thing a ma jigs, used to hold the pieces together. It looked like this. I was very pleased. I proved I could do it. Now to set it in place.

This was the outcome. I have my computer in my quilt studio. I like it there. I can be on it any time I feel like it and not have to wait for others to be done. It is all mine. Yeah!

Now that I know I can do it, do I want to do it again next time? Probably not, but that doesn't matter, my hubby really likes putting things together. Have a good day everyone!

Quilt til your arm falls off...


wood-nut said...

" My husband would not have read them anyway so I was putting them to good use."

Not true...not true

harts4him said...

Yes, where there's a will
(I will not wait for hubby to get home) there's a way (to put together a computer table even if I have to use a butter knife)! I would not have waited either.


hmmmmm......sooo that's what's written on those pieces of paper that come inside the box..... instructions?!?

Apple said...

I put together my art desk the night I got it too (so I wouldn't have to wait). I guess I do take after you (even though it took you 40 years to realize you CAN do something like this by yourself)! ha ha
Now, don't spend all your time on the computer and not quilt...after is a "quilting" room.
Love ya!!!

Wendy said...

Well done! I usually let my husband do all the assembly. I bought a shelf for my sewing room closet and decided "I can do this on" and it went together smoothly. One less thing to ask him to do, it was great.