Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tonight I am tired.

I had lunch with a friend of mine today. She treated me as a birthday gift. We had fun. A lot to catch up on. We don't get together as much as we used to. I also ran a few errands and went to get a haircut. When I got home I had school work to check (from homeschooling) and I couldn't get on the computer because my mouse was acting all weird. I think it was possessed or something. It seemed to want to do it's own thing. My husband bought a new one this afternoon and installed it this evening.

I also called the doctor today. My sinuses have been acting up and it is causing fluid to not drain from behind my eardrum. I had to get a prescription for some sinus and allergy meds to clear it up. It is leaving me feeling a little tired and worn out this evening.
Am I whining? Yeah,maybe a little.

I did get a little hand quilting done this morning. I have 4 fans left to quilt then I can put on the binding and call it finished. I can't wait.

(Just because I didn't want to have a no picture post)--- I will leave you today with a few pictures of some quilts I have made in the past. Scrap quilts. My favorite type.

Sorry some of the quilt pics are blurry.
Don't you just love the legs that this quilt has grown?
The second quilt is a signature quilt I made for a friend that was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is doing well today and cancer free. Yeah!

This quilt is very scrappy a lot of strip pieces were used for this. I believe I got both of these patterns on Bonnie's web site. They are both great patterns. I made the second one for a cousin that got married.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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Finn said...

Really pretty quilts Terry. I especially like the RailRoad crossing one, but all scrap quilts are great!
It's a bad time of year for sinus, hope you're feel better soon. Hugs, Finn