Monday, October 1, 2007

This is wool quilt that I made last year. It hangs in my living room (except right now because it will be hanging in the "Quilts on the Teche" quilt show that I mentioned previously). This quilt took me a whole year to make. I worked on it mainly at our "woolies" group meetings. My friend was also making one. We fell in love with this quilt that another friend of ours was making and decided to make one. All three quilts are similar but not exactly alike. I love looking at all the different things in this quilt. It was a labor of love and it has many things about my life in it, like the crawfish and crawfish net. Here are a couple of close ups.

Today I am dragging my feet on a project I need to get going on. Just don't feel like starting. It is so much easier to sit at the computer and play. I have a "woolies" meeting here tonight and am all done with the housecleaning and making the refreshments. This is what I made. It is an Angel Food cake with a coolwhip frosting (the coolwhip has a dry packet of lemon pudding mixed in and a little bit of lemon filling mixed in) I cut it in three layers and spread the coolwhip then put some lemon filling on top, put on the next layer and repeat all the way to the top. Spread the rest of the coolwhip all around and put the rest of the lemon filling on top and let drip down sides. It is lite and yummy.

Quilt til your arm falls off...


Apple said...

Your cake looks yummy...I want some...Have fun at your meeting tonight.

harts4him said...

I LOVE that quilt---I wonder what the wall looks like now??????

Boy, Oh Boy, was that cake good! Scotty said it was delicious---even with the huge dollop of cool whip he added to the top!