Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some orphan block quilts

Here are some orphan block quilts that a friend and I made. They were made for our guild retreat. The orphan blocks were collected from members over the year and separated and organized by likeness. Then they were given out at one of our meetings to whoever wanted to put one together. The blocks we were given were the cube center block, the cubes at the bottom, the four corner blocks, and a couple of other smaller blocks. We added the rest. At our retreat you could vote for your favorites and then they were given away by drawing names of those that participated. It was the first orphan block quilt we had ever made. It was done in 2005. We loved it and loved working on it but it sure was hard to give it up. We did not win (we were sad) but it didn't stop us from doing another one.
The second one was done in 2006. We put a lot more work into this one and made it bigger. The blocks we were given were all of the pink and green blocks, there were 8 of them, we added the rest. It was hard work but fun. It was so hard to give it up. We again did not win, and again we were sad. We decided that we were getting too attached to these quilts to give them up so we have not made any more to give away. We do have plans to make one for ourselves with lotto blocks that we have.

The last quilt is one that my friend and I made for a young guy that was raising his young daughter and going to school and working. He wanted a quilt made out of her baby clothes and so I volunteered to do it and my friend, who is always willing to help, was there to do a lot of cutting and sewing and arranging of blocks. We had to back a lot of the fabrics with fusible interfacing because the fabrics were mostly knits. We really liked the finished product and he was very pleased.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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THAT has got to be the sweetest thing ever!