Monday, September 17, 2007


A few of the blogs are reminiscing on past memories. It makes me think back and daydream a bit about when I was young. (I won't be posting any pictures of that today--I'll spare you). I can remember the adults always saying to "Go play outside". I hated to play outside. I hated to sweat, still do. So I would sit quietly by the side of the adult table and listen. I was very careful to be quiet or else they would notice me and send me to play outside. I learned a lot from listening to the adults and I'm still somewhat like that today. I sit back and listen when I'm in a group of people, especially if it is not people I know that well. I learn a lot about them just by listening.

These pictures are of a music box my wonderful husband made for me last Christmas (the second is the underside that he stamped and signed, it's not a very good picture but you get the idea). He made it using the beveled glass leftover from some porch lights we had originally on our home (they had rusted out and needed to be changed). Isn't it lovely. It plays three songs--Feur Elise, Minuet inG major and Symphony #9. He likes to do woodworking. He is good at it too. Someday I will show you pictures of the dining room table he made for me or pictures of my quilt studio that he built cabinets and drawers for. He is very talented, not just in woodworking, he is kind of a jack of all trades but master of all (not master of none). His career is Electronic Technician but does almost anything electronic or electric. And it is not just limited to that, he knows how to do plumbing work, and construction, etc. The list is long. Whatever he sets his mind to doing he can do. That amazes me. I think he is always interested in how things are made and how they work and so he figures it out. There are things I would like to know how to do but could never master them. I probably don't take the time to learn it completely. (Did I mention he is left handed, I think that has alot to do with him having a figure it out brain. He thinks with the other side of his brain.) In the electronic shop he works in on helicopters there are 5 out of 7 that are left handed. I think that says alot. Oh well, enough gushing about my husband. (He really is a wonderful man).

I have woolies (a mini group I am in, we work with wool, in our quilts and other things) meeting here at my house tonight. I have to clean up and make some refreshments.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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