Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quilt guilds.....

Today Judy brought up a good topic. One that has been on my mind for quite some time. Guild meetings. I belong to a guild here that is growing. When I joined about 4 years ago it had less than 100 members and now has more than 150. We are getting cramped for space, inside and outside of the building (parking). We have discussed trying to find another place to meet but our options are limited considering we would like to keep the day and time we meet the same as it is now. So what are we to do? We encourage growth. We always love to share our love of quilting but, I don't know what will happen in the future.
Maybe mini bees are the answer. We have quite a few of those that have formed in the recent past. I really like the bees better. There is more one on one visiting and there is definitely more quilting and sewing going on. The guild meetings are a lot of business (I really don't care for that part but I know it is necessary), we have really good speakers and workshops, of which I do participate in. We also have a pretty good show and tell. It use to be better though, I think several of our members are just so busy (like a lot of people are today) that it is difficult to pack up their quilts to bring to a meeting. We have a morning and night meeting. Most of the ones that have jobs away from home go to the night meeting. I go to both. I like seeing my friends from both. Most of the time that is the only chance I have to visit with any of them.

I wish our guild meetings were more visiting and sewing and quilting like the small bees we have. I think more people would join us, but then we would have more of a problem with space. Oh well, I guess we will deal with it when it is absolutely necessary.

Here is a picture of my Underground Railroad quilt finished and a picture of the label. I bought this quilt in kit form and the lady that did it made label for us using a picture from the book. It was printed on fabric treated for photo printing. After washing it so much the pictures of the blocks washed out a lot. I traced over them with pigma pens and they didn't come out too great but the idea is there. I am in love with this quilt. I love the colors, the quilting, the old fashion feel of this quilt. It will be with me a long time. I told my friends yesterday at mini bee that it would probably be on my casket when I pass away. That is how long I plan to keep this quilt.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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