Thursday, September 20, 2007

Morning All...

Today is a busy day. I'm having lunch with my sister for her birthday. She is the middle child, I am the oldest. We have a younger sister as well. No brothers. The lunch is what we usually do. When my Mom was alive we would all go to lunch, aunts, cousins, a big bunch of us, it was traditional. My aunt now lives out of town and it will be my sisters and me, my children and my Dad and his wife. It will be fun but Mom is always missed. It is good to celebrate the day you were put on this earth, and to celebrate that you are still here. It is a family gathering and family is important to me.

I am also calling my doctor today to go in again for fluid in the ear. I went 5 weeks ago and he gave me an antihistamine and a nasal spray (samples). I used those and it felt better. About 4 days later the fluid was back so I called and got a prescription for these meds and the ear started to feel better but the fluid did not fully drain. Now it is hurting. He will have to do something else. I hope this clears up soon. I don't do sick very well.

Maybe I can fit some quilting time in today. I'm still working on my UFO's. I think I have finished all of the tops but two that need to be hand quilted but, I have a lot of projects in boxes to be pieced. It is nice to be finishing up these things.

Does anyone have one of these? or is it just us. My husband is big into electronics and stuff just collects. It is a junk drawer full of old electronics, cell phones, cameras, wires, adapters, etc. My husband just recently cleaned out the drawer to be used for something else. It feels good to purge.

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