Thursday, September 27, 2007

I have had a very busy week so far. My guild had it's monthly meeting on Tues. I go to both morning and night meetings and was working at both. We were collecting quilts for a quilt show that is next weekend called "Quilts on the Teche". There were a lot of quilts to collect. I think at last count there were 280. It was exciting to see that many quilts in one place though. It is one of the many events we are having here in South Louisiana to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birthday of the Marquis de Lafayette. He was pretty important in our history and a close friend of George Washington. Our guild designed and made a quilt to commemorate their friendship and that quilt will also be in an exhibit here until Nov. then it will travel.

Yesterday I met with my mini group. Always love that. It is sometimes my therapy. You know when you just need to talk and visit with good friends to make all seem well. That is how it is. We did baste a quilt together to ready it for hand quilting. It will be next in the frame for us to quilt. Mine will need to be basted also but I'm a little farther down the list so it will be a while. (I may not have mentioned that we are quilting some of each others quilts, you help on others and you can get yours done, works well).

Today I am going shopping for civil war reproduction fabric. It is for sashing and borders for a "Home of the brave quilt" Our guild is helping out to make some for the families of the fallen soldiers in our state. You can check out the Arizona web site at this link ours is the same but for Louisiana. They will have a registered stamp on them, with the Sanitary Commission, just like they were back in Civil war times.

I'll visit with my best friend today too, (since she lives near the quilt shop) and then this afternoon I'm helping out at our library. There is a program to teach kids to quilt. We will be helping them with the blanket stitch to appliqué shapes to a background. It ought to be fun. A full day.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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