Friday, October 26, 2007

The Harvest Moon

Tried to take some pictures of the large harvest moon last night (tonight it is even bigger and more beautiful). The pictures don't do it justice. It was just my regular digital camera but I had to try.

This one my husband took. The reflection of the moon is on the hood of the car (he was supporting the camera on it).

I was awestruck. How wonderful it was up there in the sky. So bright, it lights up the yard. It really feels like fall now. November is around the corner and then Christmas. Why does it all seem to go so fast these days? When I was a kid it all went too slow. Now I can't slow it down. I've tried. Trying to enjoy every moment as it comes, not trying to rush things too often, nothing seems to make it go slower. Oh well, at least I can try to enjoy the seasons (the only thing that seems to come slow around here is the spring time when you have had too much winter and cold weather).

I got a little sewing done today. I started and new project. A quilt for my friend that cuts my hair and her Step Mom. They are both really upbeat and happy people. Always encouraging, asking how things are going with family and my quilting. I always feel 10 times better after I have talked to either one of them. They are special people. So, I decided to make them each a quilt. I am hoping they will be done for Christmas but if not that is ok, they don't know about it and I can give it to them later.
I will try to take pictures of my progress tomorrow and post it.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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Apple said...
I know you said that you didn't want me to refer anymore blogs to you, but I just want you to check this one out. Just scroll down to the bottom until you see the awesome art and things they did with the eggs. It is so cool. That is all you have to see.
Love you