Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Long post....

Just thought I would show a little of what I have been up to lately. I have been appliquéing these jewel tone hearts for a quilt I am making for a friend. It will have an alternate block that is called "Friendship star". I had to go out and get more of the right colors of thread. The idea in machine appliqué is for it to look like hand appliqué and your stitches to not be real noticeable. So the thread should be dull and not a have a shine to it and it should match the color of the fabric as close as possible. At least that is what I learned in a class I took with Maybeth Oxenrieder when she came to our guild. I thought her work was wonderful and she is a good teacher.

I love the bright colors in these hearts. I purchased them from Keepsake Quilting a few years ago and have never had a chance to use them. I also have a set of 1930's hearts that I will use in the same pattern for another friend. If I don't get tired of appliqueing those hearts. Boy it sure takes a long time. There are 70 of them. It is a good thing that each heart is a different fabric or I would get tired of looking at them.

This is what I did yesterday. I made felted soap. These are for Christmas gifts for my friends in the "woolies" group I am in. I bought the wool roving online. It is hand dyed in variegated colors. It worked real well for felting. The colors are much richer than the picture shows. I think my friends will like these a lot.
Well today I have a mini group meeting to go to and my husband is coming home today from Oregon. I really have missed him but the time passed quicker than I thought it would. My son is moving out in about 10 days. His roommate is staying over at our house until the date they can move into the apartment that they rented. All of his things are in storage and he needed a place to stay. He is a very nice young man. He is going to college to become an architect. They have been friends since kindergarten and get along well. After my son moves out I will be using the outside apartment that he was staying in for myself and quilting. I am hoping to teach classes and have workshops there. Maybe even have a small mini group to meet there. I am looking forward to teaching some beginner quilt classes and other things. I just need to get my lesson plans together and my thoughts as far as what and how I want to teach it.

I have to have sinus surgery next week. The procedure is called a Septoplasty. I have devieated septum and he is also going to put a tube in my right ear to drain the fluid that has been there for over 8 weeks now. I just does not want to let go. I also have an air pocket in the sinus sac on the right side that he said he would fix. I hope I have a fast recovery and all goes well so the fluid can drain and I can start feeling back to normal. It has been a pain going to the doctor's office every couple of weeks and being on different meds trying to clear it up.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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