Monday, October 8, 2007

This is a post with a lot of pictures but it is all about what I was busy with this weekend. There are many more pictures but this is just some of the highlights.

This is some of the antique quilts they had on display in the Bed and Breakfast at the show this weekend. Saturday was spent setting up all of the quilts. This was very hard work but fun. Many husbands came to help (mine included) and the job was done for 4pm Saturday afternoon.

These are more antiques. The Apple core quilt was quilted with red embroidery floss in a big stitch.

You can click on any of the pictures to make them larger if you need to. The quilt on the center left is an Appliqued Pansy pattern and belongs to my MIL. It was made by her grandmother. The quilt to the right of it belongs to my best friend (she rescued it from a garage sale for $5, unbelievable) It is a whirligig pattern made from flying geese. I have not seen this done before. I like it a lot. I might try to recreate this one some time later on. (I know another UFO. The story of my life)

These are more traditional newer quilts. They were on display in City Hall. I love the colors in all these quilts.

Here is my friends wool crazy quilt. I showed you a picture of mine in a past post. They were both on display in a very old building in the town.

Here are more quilts in the old building. The quilt in the center has more than 10,000 small hexagons in it. What a labor of love this quilt must have been. The other two quilts were made by members of our guild in a Scrappy Bee they are members of. They use mostly civil war reproductions to make their quilts.

Here is a picture of my Underground Railroad quilt on display. It was in the building I was working in on Sunday. I had to wear the white gloves to show the quilts to any one that wanted to see the backs are more of the stitching. It was fun to watch the people immediately want to touch the quilts. Quilts just do that for some reason. It is a touchy--feely thing. The quilt next to mine got a lot of compliments. It was done in a workshop that was taught in our guild (the flags were taught, she set them with the stars and hearts which is what everyone liked about it).

These are some wearables that were in the building next to us. There is a chenille vest, a jacket that was quilted on the longarm, a Yo-Yo vest, and other piece jackets. Very nice. The floral border you see under the top row of wearables is the back of the quilt on the other side.

This is some of the art quilts on display. The top left is my favorite. It is this ladies' Son-In-Law and a friend playing music. She even used yarn and made it look like the moss on the top edges. She has just recently started to do portrait quilts and she is good at it. The quilt on the bottom right is also her quilt. She made this one for the Black and White challenge our guild had. It represents her idea of Mardi Gras. It is called "Throw me something, Mister"

I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of our quilt show!

Quilt til your arm falls off...


harts4Him said...

I sure did enojoy! Thanks for the recap, but the real deal was such a treat. It's so nice to be in a gathering of people who share the same passion. Even though I know better, my first instinct was to put my hands on the quilts. I was so inspired and came home with things I want to do now, which of course I have no time for. Thanks for sharing---and remembering to take pictures ;)


dot said...

Looks like there were lots of great quilts at the show. Thank you for sharing them with us. It just amazes me on how so many quilts but yet all so different.

Jen said...

Beautiful show! Thanks for showing us - must have been a lot of work!

Hedgehog said...

Oops - that 'Jen' is me, Hedgehog!