Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hi all, I hope everyone had a really good day. I went to my mini group meeting today. I was a good one. We finished handquilting on the quilt we were working on and next week we will start another. I moves me up in the line. I am number 5 and we are now on #3. We started doing this in January. My quilt is large, it measures 103x106, and I will be using 100% cotton batting. It will not be easy to hand quilt with but I love the look of it when it is washed. It makes it look so old.

The picture above is what I worked on yesterday and this morning. I promised pictures and this is the sashing. It is going to be cut into 12-1/2 inch sections. I strip pieced them. It is an easier technique than sewing all those smaller strips together. After I took the picture and looked at it I thought that the strips looked like bacon (I know I'm weird like dat). They sure look funny though. I will try to take pictures tomorrow of the blocks. They are embroidered blocks that my husbands aunt did. She asked me to make a quilt with them for a fund raiser. My friend and I are trying to finish it this month because she has another set of embroidered blocks to make into another quilt. The other set of blocks have stains on them and I need to try to soak them and get the stains out. They look like age spots. The blocks were done a long time ago. Maybe I will try soaking them in OxiClean or maybe Biz. Anyone have any suggestions? I'll take pictures tomorrow and post them for you to see. Well gotta go. Night all.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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