Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Our wedding anniversary

October 3, 1981

Today marks our 26th year as man and wife. It has been wonderful being married to a wonderful man. It has not all been a bed of roses but that's what keeps life interesting, right? Really, I am happier today than I was 26 years ago. I'm a more confident, considerate and caring person and it has alot to do with my sweet husband. He is very understanding and never judgmental. He is my best friend. I can always talk to him (except in the middle of an argument HA!)

We met at T,G,&Y. It was a department store from many years ago and we both worked there. As a matter of fact, the guy I was dating at the time introduced us and got me the job at the store. It didn't take me long to figure out the guy I was dating was a jerk and broke it off with him. About a month after that a co-worker gave my husband a note I had written that said "I think your cute". (she took it out of the trashcan, boy am I glad she did).

He asked me to have lunch with him that day. We ate pizza at Pizza Hut. The date was May 5, 1981. I invited him over to my house for supper a week after we met so he could meet my folks. I told my Mom that I had met the man I would marry. She, of course, thought I was nuts (considering he was only the second guy I had dated). He asked me to marry him on our second date and we were married 5 months later. Hows that for whirlwind romance?

His parents were not too pleased about the fast engagement, they thought we should wait a year (I didn't mention how young we were, I was 16 and my husband was 18, of course I turned 17 a month before the marriage which made it ok, right?) but, we didn't want to wait. I had found someone that made me feel so incredibly loved and accepted for who I was.
(I still feel that way). So we planned the wedding with his parents blessing and we were married on October 3, 1981.

The wedding was simple. I hand wrote all the invitations on note cards I had bought (I regret that I didn't keep one to have today). My MIL made my dress and my only attendant's dress (my cousin was my Maid of Honor). MIL also did all the flowers (there were not many and you could not miss the BIG RED ROSES we used. I guess I thought, the bigger the less you could use,HA!). I kept those flowers for years (did I mention they were of the fake variety) until one day I got tired of dusting them and threw them out. For shame. We had cake and punch at the reception and my MIL also made those (did I mention my MIL was a seamstress and she liked to bake-- still does!) My husband and I paid for the whole thing and I still have all the receipts (packed away somewhere).

I have had a better life than I ever imagined I would have because of this man. My man.
I love you very much, honey. Happy Anniversary.

February 2007
My how we have changed!

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Apple said...

I am very glad that God brought ya'll together...he gave ya'll a wonderful life and in turn you gave us a wonderful life too. Thank you for loving each other and us enough to stand together even through the hard times and not giving up.
I love you!!!