Monday, October 15, 2007

Warning this post has a lot of pictures and is long! You can click on any of the photos to make them bigger.

Here are the pictures I found of my friends crazy patch quilt. She makes many of these and gives them away. She is currently working on one for herself.I warn you, get a tissue for drooling.

Some close ups.

Aren't those flowers and leaves made of ribbon just delicious looking!

That tree was stamped on and the leaves are french knots.

The pictures are vintage art printed on fabric. Notice the crystal for her earing. Sweet!

She always adds a spider or bug on her crazy patch quilts. She says they were a symbol of good luck. The web may be hard to see but it is above the spider.

This is a silk leave she sewed on. And I love her use of buttons and lace.

AAAAAWWWHHH! How cute is that heart. The words in the upper left corner say "Love is a Rose". I also love the lace butterfly.

More vintage photo printing and silk leaves and flowers.

The fabric in the upper right corner was already machine embroidered that way. I love the lace trimming.

Check out on the right, the grape clusters made of sew on beads. More silk leaves and vintage photo printing. The bird in the middle was already on a piece of velvet fabric. She is always collecting bits and pieces of velvet and satin and silks. It amazes me the way she comes up with all the ideas to embroider and the ways to add trim. Just beautiful. I think the ladies of the Victorian era would have loved this quilt and thought it worthy of display.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my friends crazy quilt.

Quilt til your arm falls off...


harts4Him said...

Oh Yes! She is such a talented lady and a beautiful soul to boot! Thanks for sharing.


Apple said...

That quilt is beautiful...It looks just like a piece of artwork!!!