Friday, November 30, 2007


I love Fridays. The end of the work week (for some) and the beginning of the weekend (for some). I don't have anything on the agenda today except ripping out some quilting stitches. On Monday I was machine quilting on the frame and the freemotion foot broke. I didn't realize til later that is was acting up for a couple of rows back. I have a new foot but I can't continue until I rip out a row or two. It is hard work standing up. The stitches are too loose. The tension was off because of the foot (at least I hope it was because of the foot). If I rip out and start to quilt again and the stitches are still not right I will have to start trouble shooting. ARGH!

How about some pictures of some quillows that I made for my niece and nephews a few years back. They are so quick and easy. I tried to match the fabric with what they were interested in.
This one was for my niece. She was into Clifford the dog so I found the fabric and this is it. She uses it a lot.

This one is for my godchild. He likes to fish and I thought he would like this fabric. He uses it on his bed and to lay around on the floor.

This one is for another nephew. He is very much into cars and trucks (at least at the time, now he is into dirt bikes). I'm not sure where he keeps his but I know he uses it.

I love making things for people. I enjoy the moment when they open it or receive it. The look of surprise on their faces and then the satisfaction I get when I know they like it is like nothing else. That is why I give away so many of my quilts (that and the fact that I would have had to move out to make room for all the quilts I've made if I would have kept them). Another reason why I love Christmas so much is all the gift giving. There is no other time of year when people are so giving. I just absolutely love it.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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Kelli said...

Your quillows are adorable, what wonderful gifts!!