Monday, December 3, 2007

Our tree is finally has ornaments. We did it Saturday night. I thought about going with a smaller tree this year but, I tell you, after putting the ornaments, I don't see that I could. We have a lot of them. I'm thinking about packing up the ones that are each of my children's in a separate box for them to have when they want them for their tree. The children still want them on my tree but something has got to give. I could not even put them all on the tree this year. It was too full.

Here is a couple of my favorite ornaments on my tree. I am thinking of posting a couple everyday until Christmas. This one my older son made in elementary school. They used paper and paint. Isn't she cute. There are several of these in other shapes. He hangs this on our tree every year.

This one below is one I purchased from our guild Christmas auction a couple of years ago. I had one similar to it already (painted differently) and I love the way it was painted. Isn't it beautiful? (I could not get the full picture of it. It has another dog on the right of the lady.)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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