Monday, November 26, 2007

Today I must get some machine quilting done. I have to quilt a log cabin quilt that I made for my sister in law for Christmas. The top has been finished for a while and I got it loaded in the frame last Friday. Why I procrastinate these things I don't know. But no longer. Today is the day. I received a call last night from a friend that needed a small quilt quilted and normally I don't take outside quilts in during the holidays but she said it was a small one and to do something simple and she was in no hurry. So I said yes, why did I do it? I have so much to do already. Ah well, to help out a friend of course. There will be time for everything, right? Anyway, are you sick of looking at my older quilts?I hope not because I have more to show you today.

These quilts are ones I have made for Project Linus. In the past our guild would make quilts to donate for this project and I participated. This one above was made with a lot of bright fabric with cats on them. I tied it instead of quilting it. It is courthouse steps design. I have always wanted to make a large and scrappy version of this quilt but after doing this small one I decided it would be too much.

This is a quilt design by Kay Wood for fast easy quilts to make for children. I think it is called the 6 hour quilt. It is reversible and it did go together quick. This is the two sides of the quilt. It takes 6-inch wide strips (which are easy to cut because most rulers are 6 inches wide). I enjoyed making it.

The one above on top is a fleece blanket with tied edges. It was very fast but I didn't particularly enjoy tying all the knots and it was small, 36 inches square maybe. It has trains on it. The one on the bottom is a panel. I thought it was lovely and enjoyed quilting it. That all I have today. I need to get up and get busy.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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