Monday, March 10, 2008

These are pictures of fabrics that I dyed when my friend and I got together to dye fabrics a couple of weeks ago. We used the Procion MX dyes. We had taken a class about 3 years ago on dyeing fabric and had did a batch up at home after the class but this was totally different. We didn't follow all the rules. The one above I just squirted the dye onto the fabric and instead of waiting for the 24 hours we rinsed it right away. Most of the blue washed out but a little bit of it is there in the background and kind of looks like a shade of purple.

This one I pinched and swirled before dyeing. It looks like tye-dye. It is knd of fun looking. I thought the colors would be more vibrant but in sat for the 24 hours and some of the dye that it was sitting in the bag kind of muddied together and so the colors are a bit muted.

These two pieces are smaller. The red one is only one color that used very little dye and came out kind of mottled. The one next to it was fan folded and squirted with different colors. I sure was fun! I also dyed a large piece for backing for a quilt I'm needing to quilt. I will take pictures of it maybe when it is finished. It looks like the sunset at dusk. Lots of yellows and some magenta and oranges.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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Apple said...

I think they are all beautiful, but you should have waited for me to help...that would have been fun!!!!