Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The table is nearing completion. It needs to have a coating of tung oil and polyurethane for durability. I love it! My honey has done such a great job! The wood grain is so beautiful. He has done a good job at the lathe.

Here is a close-up of the wood grain on top. It looks like feathers to me. It will be even more prominent after the tung oil. The top is more an oval than a circle. That was due to the length of the chunk of branch that he had to work with. (Check out Feb. 21 to see the top and pedastal before it was cut)

This is the whole top. I love the knot holes. This table is so special to me. Made from a tree I used to play under and made by my husband just for me. His own design. Designing as he went along. There were some complications, like the top being bowed and the cracking that occurred because the wood dried out some more after the bark was removed from it, but I love the character the knot holes and cracks give it. The bowing was fixed with some ingenuity by my husband. There is a plate of metal underneath that you cannot see screwed into the top to pull it flat. Just can't say enough about it's beauty and specialness to me. More pics later after it is completely finished and in it's place of honor.

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