Monday, March 17, 2008

Morning routine. This is where you find me every morning. With my tea and my books. It gives me comfort to know exactly where I'll be each morning and what I will be doing before my day starts. I'm a very routine oriented person. I'm not sure I always like this about myself. Sometimes it is not easy for me when things happen not as planned or spontaneously. I'm learning, but it is a hard lesson.

This is a project for a friend of the family. I was working on it this weekend. It is the second of two quilts I am making for a grandmother to give to her granddaughter for graduation. The first was made in 2003. All the blocks are made from the older clothes of the grandmother, mother and granddaughter as a child. The quilt also has nine photo's in it. The picture below is of the first one I made and when I get further along in this one I will show pictures but they are the same quilt with small differences. Some of the fabrics are different because the girls wore different clothes as children but most are the same because they shared outfits and the mother and grandmother fabrics are the same. The difference is in the backing of the quilts and the pictures. I am still waiting for the graduation picture to come in so I'm trying to get as much work done on it as I can now. They want it for graduation on May 17th!

This is the quilt I quilted on Saturday, by the hardest. My thread kept breaking every other row and my frame was unleveled and caused some problems. I got it done though, and I'm glad. I need to do the binding on it and I have another one to finish. You have seen the other one before. It is the same as this one but in brights. I dyed the backing the other one and I need to square it up and get it ready for quilting. These quilts are for a daughter and step mom. They work together cutting hair in their own shop. They have been cutting our hair for over 12 years and are friends of ours. They will be so surprised to get these. The fabric hanging on the wall behind this quilt is a piece that was dyed on the same day as the other pieces I showed you in a previous post(check out March 10th). It is the one that looks like the backing for the other quilt (you can see a picture on that quilt here , check out Monday Feb. 11th.).

That's it for today. I need to get to work on these unfinished projects.

Quilt til your arm falls off...


Needled Mom said...

Beautiful projects. I so enjoy the memory quilts - especially when they are made with special fabrics.

The quilt you did this weekend is stunning. You must quilt all the time. What a lucky person!!!!

Apple said...

YaY!!! You reached your goal and finished quilting quit slacking and finish the other one...ha ha!!! Love ya mom!!!

harts4Him said...

Are you sure that quilt on the chair is not for me?? Just thought I'd ask one last time! Ha!
You did a fantastic job on both of those quilts. Your friends will be ecstatic to receive them!