Monday, January 21, 2008

These are pics I took last week ago. Every winter we have an abundance of birds that fly in. Whenever we see a large flock like this all over the yard and fields we know there is cold weather to come. At least that is how it always seemed to me since I was little. We have a cold front come in this weekend as expected.

I love watching them. At the slightest noise the go flying off. One following the others. It is wonderful to watch.

I of course could not get them all in one shot but, here they are just starting to fly off. A car went down the road and they started off only to land in the yard of the neighbors behind us. Fascinating!

Today I am off to my best friend's house. We will look at quilting books, current projects and just hang out and talk. It is the most fun! Later tonight I have a "Woolie" meeting here. I need to go and bake a fig cake for refreshments. Yesterday I got my teaching quilt basted and tomorrow I will start to quilt it. Things are coming together. I love the feeling of getting things accomplished. Me and my friend leave in 11 days for a quilting retreat! Yeah! I can't wait. Lots of fun! Bye for now.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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corry said...

Hmmm...a quilt retreat..that sounds wonderful, Have fun!!