Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I don't have much to post about today. I'm going to the bowling alley later with my son and some homeschool friends. I think it will be fun for him. He loves to bowl even though we don't go very often. Maybe we should try to go more often as a family. When I was growing up we always had someone over or we were at someone else's home to visit. We don't do much of that anymore. I think it is a shame but I am as much to blame as anyone for not doing it. I rather stay home and quilt or read or any number of things that I am interested in doing. Even my family, which live all down the same street, sisters, Dad, aunts, uncles, all together, I hardly ever go to visit them. Sometimes I feel bad about it but I guess not enough because I still don't get out there and visit. Maybe I need to try harder. Make time. I know it is important to get to know people better. It is better for you and for them. Visiting seems like a lost art in a sense. I am always afraid I won't have anything to talk about. I think being able to conversate (is that a word? probably not) is a gift. My Mom was good at it. We would meet up with people somewhere that we had not seen in a while and boy could they talk. Maybe it takes real interest, you know, really be interested in others lives. Maybe that is the problem with me, I'm not always interested. WOW! that is horrible! How could that be? When did that happen? Something I really need to work on. Well, by now I'm sure you are absoulutely bored with me and not interested so that's all folks. Off to try to get a little sewing in before the bowling alley.

By the way, what the picture has to do with this subject--Rocking chairs always make me think of people visiting on the front porch.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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Apple said...

Hmmm...now I know where I get it from, I don't like to visit or actually meet up with people either (because I am not good at conversing).