Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Party/Auction...

Our guild's Christmas Party/Auction is tonight. It is our only fund raiser for the year. All year long our members donate items for the auction (or sale table, we take anything). We have a dinner then an auction to sell our things. The only problem with it is, it is only open to members. That's right, we donate the items and we buy the items back. How crazy is that! It started when the guild was small and I can understand why they started it this way but, we are a larger guild now and it would be wonderful if we opened it to our family and friends and others to buy our items. I also think we would earn more money, but we have members that have been with the guild a long time and they want to keep it the old way. You know the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"? Well that is abundant in our guild. We have members that are set in their old ways and want to keep things going the way they have always been. Good thing I just want to quilt and don't take all of these things personally. But it does stop progress. I for one am tired of fighting (I use this word loosely, we really just don't see eye to eye is all) with them so I have decided to stop volunteering for things. I can spend my time at home quilting. After saying all of that, I am looking forward to our Party tonight. These ladies are a funny breed and good entertainment.

I have some more ornaments to show you, if you want to see.

This one my sone made. It is a beaded crawfish. If you live in South Louisiana you usually love crawfish. I think he is real cute! It looks like he has shades on but it is really his black beady eyes. I know they don't look appetizing but I have already had some boiled crawfish and the season has really just begun. They are small in size and sometimes hard to peel early in the season.

This is a new one this year. We went on a field trip to a Christmas Tree farm and syrup mill early in November and they had these ornaments in their gift shop. I love blue and white and fell in love with this little beauty. It has holes in it, through the Christmas trees. I just love it.
Hope you enjoyed the ornaments. I have plenty to do today before the party (one of which is to decide what to wear) does anyone else do this? Wait til the last minute to decide what to wear to a party. I always do.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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