Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gifts and good friends...

This is a Christmas gift from my best friend. Isn't it lovely? She worked hard on this. The poinsettia in the middle and the leaves and berries around the outside edge and raw edge appliqué, which she loves to do. I love that the colors are not necessarily Christmas colors. I probably will leave this on year round. I just love it V. thanks again.

We had a Christmas get together, my friend and I, on Monday to exchange our gifts. We ate lunch, visited, ate chocolate pie, sewed binding on another quilt, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We don't get together often enough anymore. Our lives are very busy. It is a shame because we love to be together and to be able to quilt together is the best. It is just great to have a best friend that shares a love for quilting. We have lots to talk about always.

This is a close up of the star. The quilting in the dark green looks like reindeer antlers to me. She did a wonderful job on them. Need to go and clean the kitchen now. I baked cookies all day today for my nieces and nephews to decorate on Saturday. I will show pics of the cookies tomorrow.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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harts4Him said...

Many thanks to YOU! My gift was absolutely wonderful. Of course, the reindeer is gone, hot chocolate gone, olives gone! Delicious! I am into my first book now and it is awesome. I would love to make a quilt with each of the blocks she mentions. They are so much more meaningful to me now as each story speaks to me in some way.
Sharing with me all the things you know how to do has enriched my life greatly! It seems as though we've been friends for a lifetime.
Merry Christmas my dearest friend! I love ya!