Thursday, December 6, 2007

Late Start...

Getting a late start today. My husband and I had a dentist apointment this morning for a cleaning. It throws me for a loop when things happen out of the ordinary. I just caught up on the blog reading and I still have about a million things left to do today. I'm sure it is the same for everyone. So I think I need to get to it. But first, I had a great time at the Christmas Party/Auction Tuesday night. I bought a Christmas panel quilt (which I will take a picture of later after I hang it up in the livingroom). I also bought a basket of small teapots. I have an unexpected collection that is growing (you know the kind I'm talking about, the kind that you don't plan on but someone buys you a teapot then someone else buys you one, then they see you have two and assume you love them so it becomes a collection because after that people buy you more, then you think you have a collection because you do and you start looking for them to add more) anyway, they are small and I think so cute. Again I will post a picture later. For now I will post some pics of more ornaments for my tree. I hope you are not sick of them because I kind of like to look at them.

This one I got in an ornament exchange at one of the Christmas guild parties about 3 or 4 years ago. I love the embroidery work on it. She is sweet looking.

This one I made last year. It is made of felt and it was a set of 6. It is a little bag and I put money or gift cards in them last year. I like the colors and simpleness of this one.

This one is about 6 or 7 years old. The snowman is blown glass and the long swirl bottom is molded. It has already broken (one of his arms) and been glued back on. It is very delicate. I try to buy a glass ornament every year. My hope is that one year I will be able to put up the tree with just glass ornaments but for now I have alot of other ornaments I like. Maybe a smaller second tree somewhere will have to do later. Hope you enjoyed looking at my ornaments. Time to go.

Quilt til your arm falls off...

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harts4Him said...

I love looking at your ornaments. You are so thoughtful and have a great memory!