Tuesday, April 1, 2008

They were surprised!

Here is Chris with her quilt. She really liked it. I explained that she had the brights because she had a bright personality. I put a lot of thought into these. The friendship stars in Chris's because we became friends over the years.

Here is Mary Lee with her quilt. I did Aunt Gracie fabrics for her because it is more traditional and Mary Lee is a more traditional girl. Nine patches just seem to fit with the 1930's fabrics (and besides, I was sick of making friendship stars.HA!) You can tell by the expressions on their face that they were surprised! They both said they would cherish them forever. That was nice. I told them they were made to be used not put on a shelf and they both agreed they would use them.


Needled Mom said...

Wonderful pictures to capture the moment of surprise. I'm glad you posted them.

Norma said...

How wonderful to get those looks of joy in a picture. Pretty lucky ladies to have such a giving friend. You gave a piece of yourself to them in those quilts.

Just finding someone to cut your hair for 12 years is something to be excited about!

Apple said...

I bet they are curled up with them right now!!!

Lissa Jane said...

Wow! what lovely gifts! and the pics are great!

and I just love the 30's quilt.. I am currently making a 30's and nine patch quilt myself!

take care


harts4Him said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

LC said...

My first visit here, and I love surprises. You captured their responses very well. But their delight is not a surprise --- these are very lovely quilts! Great job.