Friday, May 30, 2008

Yesterday I did some repair work on a crocheted afghan that belongs to a friend of mine. It is old but has sentimental value to her. Some of the yarn had deteriorated and I cut it out and crocheted with new yarn and sewed it back together. I will tell her to put it away and not use it because there are other yarns that look like they will not last if it is continued to be used.

My class last night went really good. They both made 12 of there Cobblestone blocks in the light colors. They are doing really well. Fast learners. They make my job easy.

Today I think I will make myself work on a BOM project. I have not felt like working on them and I'm falling behind again. I really need to catch up.

And because I really don't like posts without pictures, I'm posting pictures of a clock and valance that I made for my sewing room a couple of years ago when I remodeled and cleaned out the room. The clock and valance have the same fabric. I made shoofly blocks for both. I used Mod Podge on the clock to glue the fabric down then cut the shanks off the buttons and glued them down. It was an old clock that needed a new look. I like the way it turned out.

I wasn't happy with the effect of the shoofly blocks when sewed together. I made a secondary design I didn't like. but I like the overall effect. I used the stash for these projects. Gotta love that! I really like the fabric with all the vintage sewing supplies on it.


Apple said...

I have always liked how that clock turned out.
You is okay for you to have a post that doesn't have any pictures in it. It won't break any rules or anything...ha ha :)
Love you mom!!

Needled Mom said...

What a great idea for a clock for the sewing room. The valance did turn out nicely.

So glad that the sewing students made your job so easy.