Friday, May 23, 2008

Tired today!

Being lazy today. It is the first day this week I don't have anything scheduled to do. Yesterday I taught two classes. One Basic beginner class in the morning (my last one with these students) and one Cobblestones class (with my SILs) last night. I was beat! It sure was fun though. I was able to take pictures of the finished tops in the morning class. I will start a photo album of all of my students quilt tops and keep it is class to share. My SILs are quick learners. They got their 1/4 seams right the first block they made. Now they will go shopping this next week for their fabric for the next class.

The quilt below is for my husband's aunt. She is a nun and they are always having fund raisers for the community where she lives. She gave me some antique embroidery blocks to make a quilt with. This is the second quilt me and my friend made the first one was made with embroidered blocks she did herself (the picture at the bottom is the blocks from that quilt).

They both need to now be quilted. Me and my friend will baste these and share the quilting. The picture below is a close up of the embroidered blocks. They were so sweet looking. I chose the yellow and pink fabric from my stash and it was sewed together in one day. We starched the blocks so they would be easier to manage and they were trimmed down to an equal size. Very happy with how this came out.

This is two of the blocks from the first quilt. I have not had a chance to get a picture of the whole top. It is folded on a shelf waiting to be quilted. I like the look of the sashing and borders in this quilt top. It frames the blocks very well. Thank you to my friend who is helping me with this project.


harts4Him said...

Mmmmmm! Bacon!!!
All the rain here last night put me to sleep too! No rest here, hope I can get as much done as you have been. Glad your classes were fun. Pics are great, only I can't remember what the rest of the "bacon" quilt looks like.
Lord Help Me!

Needled Mom said...

You have been busy while I was away. I love the embroidered blocks. I know that she will be thrilled with the work you did on it and I know it will bring in a good amount of money for them.

The scrappy blocks turned out just great. The black and red really does pull it all together.

Apple said...

very nice stuff you got there. She's going to love them!! Have fun bowling tonight.

Pattie said...

Hi Terry -

The quilt is lovely! You're right - those embroidered blocks are just charming. Good for you, for helping out.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's always nice to see that you've stopped by!