Monday, February 18, 2008

My daughter's duck. She had two of them at one time. Her husband had bought them for her for Easter a while back. The female died last year and her companion (this male duck) was a little worst for wear for a little while but he bounced back and is doing well. They brought him over this weekend for my niece to see. When they put him down he went straight back home and to his pen. (They live right next door to us) We found this funny that he would know his way back home and right to his home instead of wandering around in the yard. He is a beautiful duck. I love the color of his beak and his feathers are a lovely white. His name is Deuce. The female's name was Daisy. My daughter is allergic to cats and dogs and most other animal dander so she has really enjoyed being able to take care of the ducks. The female even laid eggs and they would enjoy them for breakfast (well my daughter would, my SIL didn't want to eat them).

Today I'm making binding for a Home of the Brave quilt I finished quilting this weekend and I'm also making the binding for the other three that my mini group just finished putting together. I'll try to get pictures of them tomorrow. I'm also going to work on my UFO BOM's for February. I did one of them week before last it is a Thimbleberry BOM from 2005. I have three other BOM UFO's. Two of them have two blocks for each month. It is alot of work. But this method of doing only one month at a time like they were intended to be done works and takes some of the pressure off.

That's all for today.
Quilt til your arm falls off...


Apple said...

AWWW!!! Deuce is famous!!! :) LOL

Needled Mom said...

What a beutiful duck. Do they mate for life like so many birds?

I can't wait to see pictures of the quilts. I love the binding stage as it brings the knowledge that the piece is finished and the next one can begin. Yeah!!!!