Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye Gustav!

Hi everyone, the worst is over. It was not as bad as they thought it was going to be. It downgraded to a category 2 real fast. The winds were only 75-80 mph sustained. We had no damage that we can see. There was a small leak in the roof but it was only from the winds pushing the rain under the ridge vent. We have branches and debris in the yard but we can pick all that up tomorrow. We will begin the clean up then and help others in the neighborhood that need it. Our house is fine and all the family is ok. We don't have electricity but we have a generator and it is running the refrigerator and freezer and some fans and of course my laptop (that was top priority you know-HA).

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will count all my blessings and enjoy the day with my family. I won't have a cake (no oven to bake it in) but that is not what is important. This storm could have been so much worst. God has his hand in keeping us safe. A lot of the things they said were going to happen to make this storm bad just didn't happen. We give God all the glory.

There will be some traffic problems when everyone tries to come back their homes. It was the very first time the entire coast of Louisiana was evacuated for a hurricane. Everyone remembered Hurricanes Rita and Katrina and heeded the warnings.

Thanks to everyone that prayed for our well being. Your prayers were answered.


Elaine Adair said...

Such a relief - the media covered the storm constantly this time, and paid attention!!!

So happy for you that all is well.

Julie said...

hi terry! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! everyone's been so supportive out here. i moved to the united states about a year and 3 months ago and it was my frist hurricane! everyone's been so wonderful... family, people at work, friends. well, i'm glad you guys found my blog. i always like meeting new people in the area. so - keep in touch!
ps: i didn't know mr. fulton was not a "full time artist". what does he do for a living besides art? you got me curious there! :-)

Needled Mom said...

Terry, I am so glad that Gustav was not as bad as what they were thinking it would be. Now you wait for Ivan and Hannah. What a worry.

Your tree looks really good. I am so impressed!!! It does look like a great tree.

That was a quick 4-6 weeks. Our son, DIL and four children moved in with us while they went through a remodel. The 4 months stretched to six but, suprisingly(?), we are all still close and speaking to each other. HA.

Hope that the rains soon stop and the sun returns.